Sper Scientific 800048 Indoor Air Quality Monitor


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Sper Scientific 800048 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Large display continually monitors the primary IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) parameters: Air Temperature, RH, CO2

These Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors have large easy-to-read displays that continually present primary IAQ parameters: Air Temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), CO2 (carbon dioxide). IAQ monitors are ideal for observing indoor air quality in crowded public spaces with potentially high levels of CO2 such as offices, factories, classrooms, hospitals and hotels. These units recall min/max CO2 levels and provides visual alarms for maximum CO2 threshold. Automatic Baseline Calibration (ABC) and maintenance free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor ensure long-term accuracy, stability and reliability. Units come with an AC adaptor and will stand on a desk-top or wall mount.

Demand for quality indoor air continues to increase as we are spending more time indoors than ever before. IAQ issues can be complex due to the diversity of indoor environments. Poor air quality may cause tiredness, inability to concentrate, and even illness (i.e., Sick Building Syndrome). To address problems caused by poor IAQ, national and local governments have developed guidelines for acceptable indoor air quality. Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments as the first step in creating a healthier work environment.

Dimensions: 4½" × 4¼" × 1" (108 × 115 × 25 mm) 

Weight: 6 oz (170 g)


Instruction Manual

Sper Scientific Ltd Sper Scientific 800048 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Sper Scientific 800048 Indoor Air Quality Monitor