Seedburo 635C Pint Sample Bottle Replacement Cap


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Seedburo Quart and Pint Sample Bottles

Seedburo's Quart and Pint Sample Bottles are made of a durable polyethylene.

Includes an enameled plastic screw-top cap that has a gasket insert to provide an air-tight seal.

The Quart Bottle (630) meets the specifications of the USDA/GIPSA (FGIS) for official inspection to minimize moisture loss and preserve quality while in short term storage.

Both units feature a 1¾" neck opening to accommodate an optional No. 10 rubber stopper with opening for a glass thermometer.

Options and Parts

  • 630: Quart Sample Bottle, 3¾in x 7in (H)
  • 635: Pint Sample Bottle, 2¾in x 6in (H)
  • 630C: Replacement Cap Only For Quart Sample Bottle
  • 635C: Replacement Cap Only For Pint Sample Bottle
Seedburo Quart and Pint Sample Bottles

Seedburo 635C Pint Sample Bottle Replacement Cap