Seedburo 438WF Hand Grinding Mill Worm Feed


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Seedburo Hand Grinder

The Seedburo Hand Grinder features an adjusting screw to set the grinder to any degree of fineness.

Unit is made of high grade cast iron and steel with a 2lb capacity hopper.

Interchangeable feeds available. Tooth feed for dry grinding or worm feed for wet and/or oily grinding.

This grinder is ideal for preparing soft or hard grains for cereal and bread, grinding corn for aflatoxin testing or for general purpose grinding on a wide variety of commodities such as commercial grains, coffee beans, peanuts and other nut meats, etc.

Seedburo Hand Grinders are used by government experiment stations, research laboratories and many grain elevators, feed mills and flour mills.

  • Ship dims. 14" L x 14½" W x 8" H.
  • Ship wt. 15 lbs.
  • Net wt. 12-1/2 lbs.


  • 438HB: Hand Grinder W/Tooth And Worm Feeds
  • 438HT: Hand Grinder W/Tooth Feed
  • 438HW: Hand Grinder W/Worm Feed
  • 438TF: Hand Grinding Mill Tooth Feed
  • 438WF: Hand Grinding Mill Worm Feed
 Seedburo 438WF Hand Grinding Mill Worm Feed

Seedburo 438WF Hand Grinding Mill Worm Feed