Seedburo AF35Y, 3ft x 5ft x 7/8in Anti-Fatigue Mat


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Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Mats

For those employees who need an even softer, more comfortable standing surface, choose the Anti-Fatigue Cushioned floor mat with a ⇰¡±â‡°‡¥¨¢" thickness.

Closed Cell Nitrile PVC cushion is molded to a Nitrile Rubber Surface to ensure a cleaner and more uniform construction.

Used in mostly dry work areas and around chemicals, these mats offer exceptional resistance to many chemicals and caustic cleaning solutions.

The mats are static dissipative and have bright yellow borders to offer a visual warning.

Custom sizes available up to 60' x 2', 3'and 4'. Priced per sq. ft.


  • AF23Y: 2Ft x 3Ft x √¢¬á¬∞¬°¬±√¢¬á¬∞¬á¬•¬®¬¢in Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AF35Y: 3Ft x 5Ft x √¢¬á¬∞¬°¬±√¢¬á¬∞¬á¬•¬®¬¢in Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AF312Y: 3Ft x 12Ft x √¢¬á¬∞¬°¬±√¢¬á¬∞¬á¬•¬®¬¢in Anti-Fatigue Mat
Seedburo 3ft x 5ft x 7/8in Anti-Fatigue Mat (AF35Y)

Seedburo AF35Y, 3ft x 5ft x 7/8in Anti-Fatigue Mat