Seedburo MCI-CORNSET, 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Corn Sieves


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Seedburo Kicker Grain Tester

  • The MCI Kicker is a 3 or 4 screen type tester and grain cleaner that is used for commercial grain grading.
  • The Kicker can be configured to perform several functions including dockage testing and sizing for a variety of grains.
  • The four-screen version can provide barley sizing capability or other cereal grain testing requiring an additional level of separation.
  • Just pour the grain sample into the MCI Kicker to quickly and accurately separate each fraction. Then retrieve them from four different pans.
  • Kicker uses bouncing rubber balls to keep screens clean and provides consistent analysis, sample after sample.
  • It is compact and takes about the same space as a file cabinet.
  • Quiet operation with minimal dust pollution.

The MCI Kicker is designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent way of obtaining the following separations from most grains: shrunken and broken, overs/scalped material, clean grain, broken kernels, splits, aspirated material, dockage or FM and greatly reduces hand picking of Soybeans. Sizing operations for Malt, Sunflowers, food grains and Barley are also possible. The Kicker can generate these separations in approximately 30–45 seconds, depending on the sample size. These separations can then be weighed and calculated to provide the correct dockage or FM as well as the shrunken and broken kernels or splits using Seeburo's 9000AG grain dockage scale.


  • Grain throughput: 45 sec. (based on 500g of wheat)
  • Ship wt. 560 lbs.
  • Dims. 81" H x 19" W x 35" D 


  • MCI/B: MCI Kicker Grain Tester, 3 Screen Version 110V 60Hz (Less Screens)
  • MCI4/B: MCI Kicker Grain Tester 4 Screen Version 110V 60Hz 1ph (Less Screens)
  • MCI-CORNSET: 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Corn Sieves
  • MCI-SOYSET: 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Soybean Sieves
  • MCI-WHEATSET: 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Wheat Sieves
  • MCI4-CORNSET: 4-Screen Kicker Set Of Corn Sieves
  • MCI4-SOYSET: 4-Screen Kicker Set Of Soybean Sieves
  • MCI4-WHEATSET: 4-Screen Kicker Set Of Wheat Sieves
  • MCIBS: 4-Screen Kicker Blank Screen
  • MCIFS: MCI Kicker Fine Screen (Specify Perforations)
  • MCISS: MCI Kicker Scalp Screen (Specify Perforations)
 Seedburo MCI-CORNSET, 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Corn Sieves

Seedburo MCI-CORNSET, 3-Screen Kicker Set Of Corn Sieves