RETSCH Gravity Lid Solid Gm300, Accessories GM 300, autoclavable plastic


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The RETSCH 21070465 Gravity Lid is an excellent accessory for the GM 300, designed to enhance your laboratory experience. Crafted with utmost precision using high-quality autoclavable plastic, this lid promises durability and reliability, meeting the demands of even the most rigorous laboratory settings.

With its innovative design, the Gravity Lid ensures a seamless and efficient operation. Its unique gravity feature allows for easy loading and unloading of samples, saving you valuable time and effort. Gone are the days of struggling with complicated lids - simply lift and insert your samples effortlessly, letting the gravity lid securely hold them in place.

The autoclavable plastic material offers exceptional heat resistance, allowing you to maintain sterilization protocol without any concerns. This feature makes it the ideal choice for laboratories dealing with sensitive samples and experiments. Moreover, the lid's exceptional durability guarantees long-term use, ensuring a worthwhile investment that will withstand the test of time.

You can rely on the RETSCH Gravity Lid for maximum safety during your laboratory experiments. The secure fit ensures that your samples remain intact without any spillage or leakage, giving you peace of mind throughout your research process. Additionally, the lid's impeccable design prevents any contamination, maintaining the purity of your samples and resulting in accurate and reliable test results.

As an accessory for the GM 300, the Gravity Lid perfectly complements its performance. Together, they provide you with an unrivaled laboratory experience, ensuring efficient and precise sample preparation. Whether you are conducting research, analysis, or quality control, this accessory provides you with the necessary support to carry out your experiments flawlessly.

In conclusion, the RETSCH 21070465 Gravity Lid is the epitome of functionality and durability. Its autoclavable plastic construction, unique gravity feature, and secure fit make it an essential accessory for any laboratory using the GM 300. Experience convenience, efficiency, and reliability like never before with the RETSCH Gravity Lid.
 RETSCH 21070465, Gravity Lid Solid Gm300, Accessories GM 300, autoclavable plastic

RETSCH Gravity Lid Solid Gm300, Accessories GM 300, autoclavable plastic