Ohaus Rack 14x15ml D17mm FA x2

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The Ohaus 30553133 Rack 14x15ml D17mm FA x2 is designed to meet all of your laboratory storage needs. Made with high-quality materials, this rack is built to last and provide reliable performance for years to come.

With a capacity of 14 tubes that can hold up to 15ml each, this rack offers ample storage space for your samples. The tubes can be easily inserted into the rack, which securely holds them in place to prevent any accidental spills or breakages. The 17mm diameter of the tubes ensures compatibility with a wide range of sample types and sizes.

The Ohaus 30553133 Rack is not only practical but also highly functional. Its innovative design includes a FA (Flip and Auto lock) feature, which allows you to effortlessly open and lock the rack with a single hand. This feature not only provides convenience but also ensures the safety of your precious samples during transportation or storage.

The rack is also stackable, allowing you to optimize your storage space. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in any laboratory setting, while the sturdy construction guarantees stability when stacked. This feature is particularly beneficial for laboratories with limited space, as it enables efficient organization and maximizes the utilization of available resources.

In addition to its practical features, the Ohaus 30553133 Rack is designed with aesthetics in mind. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of elegance to your laboratory, creating a professional and polished image. The rack's transparent design allows for easy visibility of the samples, enabling quick and convenient identification.

Overall, the Ohaus 30553133 Rack 14x15ml D17mm FA x2 is a versatile and reliable storage solution for your laboratory. Its excellent build quality, user-friendly features, and stylish design make it a must-have for any laboratory seeking efficiency, convenience, and organization. Invest in the Ohaus 30553133 Rack today and experience the difference it can make in your laboratory workflow.
 Ohaus 30553133 Rack 14x15ml D17mm FA x2

Ohaus Rack 14x15ml D17mm FA x2