Ohaus Weight Set(16), 50 g-10 mg, Class 7, 30390953

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The Ohaus 30390953 Weight Set is a top-quality product that is designed to meet all your weighing needs with utmost accuracy and precision. This weight set includes 16 individual weights, ranging from 50 grams to 10 milligrams, allowing you to measure a wide range of objects with complete reliability.

Crafted with excellence, each weight in this set is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. These weights are carefully calibrated and certified to meet Class 7 standards, guaranteeing their accuracy and reliability in all your weighing applications. No matter the task at hand, the Ohaus 30390953 Weight Set will consistently provide you with precise measurements.

The versatility of this weight set is unparalleled. With a wide range of weights included, you can easily perform a variety of measurements, both large and small, with ease. The 50 gram weight is perfect for measuring larger objects, while the 10 milligram weight allows for delicate measurements that require utmost precision. This set caters to all your weighing needs, making it an essential tool for any laboratory, scientific experiment, or industrial application.

In addition to its precision, the Ohaus 30390953 Weight Set is designed for convenience and ease of use. Each weight is clearly labeled for easy identification, and the set comes in a sturdy and organized case, ensuring that your weights are always easily accessible and well-protected. The compact and portable nature of this weight set makes it practical for use in various settings, allowing you to take accurate measurements wherever you go.

Whether you are a professional in the field of science, industry, or education, or simply an individual who requires precise measurements, the Ohaus 30390953 Weight Set is the perfect solution. With its exceptional accuracy, durability, and versatility, this weight set will undoubtedly elevate your weighing experience to new heights. Trust Ohaus to deliver superior products that meet your highest expectations.
 Ohaus 30390953 Weight Set(16), 50 g-10 mg, Class 7

Ohaus Weight Set(16), 50 g-10 mg, Class 7, 30390953