Ohaus Weight, 200 g, NIST F, Traceable Cert, 30390641

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The Ohaus 30390641 Weight is a precision instrument designed to provide accurate measurements for laboratory and industrial applications. With a weight capacity of 200 grams, this weight is suitable for a wide range of weighing tasks. It is specifically calibrated to meet NIST F standards, ensuring superior accuracy and reliability.

This Ohaus weight comes with a traceable certification, providing a documentary evidence of calibration traceability to national standards. This certification guarantees that the weight has undergone rigorous testing and calibration procedures, ensuring consistent and precise measurements. With this traceable certification, you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your weighing results.

Made by Ohaus, a leading manufacturer of innovative and reliable weighing equipment, this weight is built to the highest quality standards. It is constructed using durable materials to withstand frequent use, maintaining its accuracy and performance over time. The weight is also resistant to rust and corrosion, further ensuring its longevity and reliability.

The Ohaus 30390641 Weight offers outstanding accuracy, with a tolerance of ±0.2 mg. This level of precision makes it ideal for applications that require highly accurate measurements, such as research laboratories, pharmaceutical production, and calibration services. Its compact size and easy-to-handle design allow for seamless integration with other weighing equipment.

This weight is a valuable tool for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your weighing processes. Whether you are measuring substances in a laboratory, conducting quality control checks in a manufacturing facility, or conducting scientific experiments, the Ohaus 30390641 Weight will provide you with consistent and precise results.

Invest in the Ohaus 30390641 Weight, and experience the reliability, accuracy, and traceability that Ohaus is renowned for. This weight will become an essential tool in your weighing arsenal, enabling you to achieve the highest level of precision in your measurements.
 Ohaus 30390641 Weight, 200 g, NIST F, Traceable Cert

Ohaus Weight, 200 g, NIST F, Traceable Cert, 30390641