Ohaus Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, ASTM 1

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The Ohaus 30390054 Weight Set is an essential tool for precision weighing in laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions. This weight set includes 15 weights, ranging from 2x2 kg to 1 g, all of which are calibrated according to ASTM 1 standards.

Designed to meet the highest accuracy requirements, each weight in this set is made with premium quality materials. The weights are constructed with a blend of stainless steel and brass, ensuring durability and long-term use. Their polished finish not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also facilitates easy handling and cleaning.

With a wide range of weights available, this set provides users with the flexibility to perform a variety of weighing tasks. The weights are carefully calibrated, offering precise measurements and ensuring accurate results. Whether you need to calibrate weighing instruments or carry out specific experiments, this weight set has got you covered.

The Ohaus 30390054 Weight Set is easy to use and comes with a convenient storage case. The case is not only sturdy but also designed to protect the weights from damage, dust, and moisture. It also makes transportation effortless, allowing you to carry the set wherever it is required without any hassle.

This weight set is ideal for various applications, including analytical chemistry, quality control, pharmaceutical analysis, and more. It meets ASTM 1 accuracy standards, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Whether you are a professional researcher, a student, or a laboratory technician, this weight set is a must-have for your weighing needs.

Invest in the Ohaus 30390054 Weight Set and experience the precision, reliability, and durability it offers. With its superior quality and accurate calibration, this weight set is sure to enhance your weighing processes and provide you with trustworthy results every time.
 Ohaus 30390054 Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, ASTM 1

Ohaus Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, ASTM 1