M.C. Miller 14700 Agra Antimony pH Electrode


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  • Since the electrode potential of antimony metal is a function of the pH of the soil (or solution) that the metal is contacting, a measure of the soil (or solution) pH level can be obtained by determining the potential difference (voltage) between an antimony electrode and a second electrode of known “fixed” electrode potential.
  • The etched scale on the side of the Antimony Electrode allows the electrolyte (soil or solution) pH level to be assessed based on the potential difference measured between a copper/copper sulfate reference electrode and the Antimony Electrode.
  • The Antimony Electrode is supplied with operating instructions regarding how to perform a potential difference reading and how to determine the pH level of the soil (or solution) under test (please click on the “Instruction Manual” for information).

Note: The copper/copper sulfate reference electrode (such as an RE-5C Electrode) is required for the potential difference test is not included and would have to be purchased separately.


  • Length: 8.0 inch (20.32 cm)
  • Contact area Diameter: 0.875 inch (2.22 cm)



 M.C. Miller 14700 Agra Antimony pH Electrode

M.C. Miller 14700 Agra Antimony pH Electrode