Lab Companion BDH532032U, UCS-10 Ultrasonic Cleaner (10L)

Ultrasonic Cleaner Volume:
2.64 Gallons (10 Liters)
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The Lab Companion UCS-10 Ultrasonic Cleaner (10L) has an aggressive cleaning ability. This Industrial B.L.T type ultrasonic transducer (Bolt Clamped Langevin Type Transducer) generates high-frequency sound waves that provide maximum cleaning power.

  • External and tank parts are made of durable 304 stainless steel.
  • Over-temperature protection with alarm. 
  • Digital LED display using splash-proof keypads: timer (1 to 99 min, Max 4 hour operating), temperature monitor. (except for UCP-02)
  • High-frequency 40 kHz sound waves provide greater cleaning power and increased reliability.
  • Multiple output mode.(Normal/Pulse/Sweep),with power selection(Low/Middle/ High). (except for UCP-02) 
  • Drain valve, basket, cover as standard offer.


Lab Companion BDH532032U, UCS-10 Ultrasonic Cleaner (10L)

Lab Companion BDH532032U, UCS-10 Ultrasonic Cleaner (10L)