Irrometer WS1 WaterSwitch For Residential Systems


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WS1 WaterSwitch Residential Systems | Soil Moisture Switch by Irrometer

Overrides irrigation controller operation when soil becomes wetter than the moisture setting.

  • Designed for home owners and using the proven WATERMARK sensor, this simple device "controls the controller" so that watering is only allowed when necessary based on soil moisture status.
  • One sensor and an adjustment range designed specifically for turf grass make this an affordable and simple way to make any controller with "sensor" terminals a Smart controller.
  • WS-1 includes a weather resistant control module, one Watermark #200SS-X sensor, and 2 direct burial wire nuts.

WS1 Features:

  • Simple to install on new or existing systems
  • Easy to adjust
  • Only allows watering if the sensing area actually requires water
  • Four selectable moisture levels cover the range required for turf grass
  • No need to re-program controllers for different seasons
  • Pays for itself in water savings


 Irrometer WS1 WaterSwitch For Residential Systems

Irrometer WS1 WaterSwitch For Residential Systems