Fineness of Cement Lab Test Equipment

According to ASTM Standard C430, the hydraulic cement fineness tests are completed by using a sieve with a mesh size of No. 325 (45µm). Sieves that have a electroformed forced nickel sieve sheet are also permitted to be used, according to ASTM C430.

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It is important to note that the both the nozzle and the sieve should not have any corrosion caused by water since this would impact the fineness tests. The sieve frame used in the cement fineness tests should be made of a circular metal and the mesh should be made of stainless steel that is woven-wire.

The Cement Fineness Test Apparatusprovided by Certified Material Testing Products, meets test standards for fineness of Portland cement and other hydraulic cements, fly ash, natural pozzolan, masonry cement, and similar materials requiring a constant-pressure water wash apparatus.

Certified Material Testing Products offers all of the items necessary to successfully meet these standards. The Nickel Plated Wet-Wash Sieves have a seamless, solder-less construction and a replaceable mesh, making it a perfect choice for drying in ovens or with hot plates. The Hose Adapter Accessory for Cement Fineness Test Apparatus easily connects to the Cement Fineness Test Apparatus and the other end fits perfectly with the standard garden hose outlet.

Certified Material Testing Products also provides Portland Cement. Portland Cement can be used with the Cement Fineness Tests in conjunction with the No. 325, 2in diameter sieve.

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