Gilson HM-378 Economy Binder Ignition System

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The Economy Binder Ignition System meets applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards, offering true economy in a simple, manually operated unit. Process times are comparable to automatic-weighing units, and extensive testing has proven that results equal or exceed the accuracy of automated systems. Standard 1,200-1,800g samples are processed in as little as 30-45 minutes. Larger samples up to 3,000g or more require longer times.

During a binder ignition test, an asphalt sample is heated until the binder portion ignites. Temperature in the main chamber rises substantially above setpoint, peaks, then gradually returns to setpoint as coke-type residual products are burned off. This decoking period is based on user experience with similar mixes or specification requirements. When determining the decoking period to program for a new mix, the sample is merely returned to the furnace for additional 5-10 minute periods until completion is confirmed by stable total weight.

As the asphalt ignites and burns, volatilized components of the binder are carried by the exhaust stream into the high-temperature afterburner chamber, where they are completely oxidized. Large amounts of room air are drawn in to quickly cool the exhaust for safe discharge to the outside. Any remaining particulate matter is captured in the disposable in-line filter. The Furnace remains locked during operation until a safe temperature is reached during the cool-down period.

The easy to operate controller features large, bright display and a sturdy membrane keypad. Operating temperatures, times, setpoints, and menu functions are displayed. The controller has memory capacity for up to ten timed programs with selected chamber and afterburner time and temperature setpoints. A pre-set function allows starting of the furnace at a specific time of day, so there is no lost time waiting for warm-up. The controller is dual-purpose and can also be used for custom ramp-hold programs with multiple ramps and dwells for glassware cleaning or other applications. The stainless steel case has a drop door to serve as a shelf for ease of sample tray handling. Heating elements are quality Kanthal A-1 and easily accessible for inexpensive replacement if necessary.

The Binder Ignition System includes two Sample Baskets, a Basket Cover, Sample Tray and Tray-Handling fork, two ceramic Hearth Plates, Exhaust Filter and Filter Holder. Extra sets of sample tray, basket and cover may be ordered for more efficient sample processing. Heat Resistant Gloves are purchased separately and are highly recommended safety items. The optional all-steel Furnace Support Stand allows safe positioning of the furnace in the lab. Available Sample Cooling Cage protects personnel from hot surfaces as sample is cooling. Exhaust Vent Kit is optional and easy to install for routing warm exhaust gases to the outside. A reliable bench scale of 12kg capacity or more, readable to 0.1g is required and listed separately.

The furnace ships configured to operate on 240V/60Hz, single phase power supplies, and a NEMA 6-50 Cord Set is supplied. It is easily converted during installation to operate on a number of different single or three phase electrical supplies, from 208-380V at 50 or 60Hz, with current draw ranging from 16-45 amps.

Sample Chamber Dimensions: 21x21x9in (533x533x229mm).

Overall Dimensions: 43x30x43in (1,092x762x1,092mm), WxDxH.

Product Manual

Material Safety Data Sheet

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM D 6307

Global Gilson Gilson HM-378 Economy Binder Ignition System

Gilson HM-378 Economy Binder Ignition System