Turf-Tec DTB6-M Donut Trimmer 6in Edging Blades w/ Stop (Set 6)


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Set of six Donut Trimmer Edging Blades:

  • DTB5-M - 5" Five Inch Diameter
  • DTB6-M - 6" Six Inch Diameter
  • DTB7-M - 7" Seven Inch Diameter
  • DTB8-M - 8" Eight Inch Diameter

Donut Trimmer Edging Blades are designed for trimming around sprinkler heads. Attach to any string trimmer.

The DonutTrimmer is U-shaped rotary edging blade specially designed for use on most commercial weed eaters. This edging blade easily trims around sprinkler heads, yardage markers and storm drains as well as edging cart paths, railroad ties and bunkers in minutes.

The blades come in three different sizes: 6 inch, 7 inch and 8 inch diameters. By selecting the proper size blade, you can perform trimming tasks that most other trimmers find impossible. The ease of operation allows superintendents and greenskeepers to maintain a well tailored golf course at a very reduced labor cost.

The DonutTrimmer Edging Blade is used to detail many of the tour event courses from Augusta, Georgia to Pebble Beach, California.

This product is made by Turf-Tec International in the USA

  • DTB-6-M Six Inch Blades (Old Order # DT 9760): Trim over small valve boxes and Rainbird Mini/Maxi Paws.
  • DTB-7-M Seven Inch Blades (Old Order # DT 9770): The most versatile blade. When tipped at a 45 degree angle. It can edge an area from 6" to 60" diameters. Excellent for sprinkler heads, #9; valve boxes, yardage markers and it can be used vertically to edge bunkers, cart paths, railroad ties or any other special applications.
  • DTB-8-M Eight Inch Blades (Old Order # DT 9780): These blades will drop over the Toro 650/670 Series and other similar sprinkler heads.
 Turf-Tec DTB6-M Donut Trimmer 6in Edging Blades w/ Stop (Set 6)

Turf-Tec DTB6-M Donut Trimmer 6in Edging Blades w/ Stop (Set 6)