Durham Geo TR-755 Arch Pump 3/8in Quick Exhaust Valve

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TR-755 Arch Pump™ 3/8-inch Quick Exhaust Valve | DGSI Slope Indicator Groundwater Purging

Optional Quick Exhaust Valve produces higher flow rates in deep applications.

Pneumatic Arch Pump controller

The Pneumatic Arch Pump controller is used to set the intake and discharge times that regulate the pumping rate. The controller consists of a compact stainless steel case with pneumatic timers. The controller must be supplied with clean dry air at a maximum pressure of 100 psi.A filter regulator is used to optimize air pressure. It should be ordered separately. An optional Quick Exhaust Valve produces higher flow rates in deep applications.

Pneumatic Arch Pump

The Arch Pump™ is a pneumatic air displacement pump used primarily for well development in 2 in. and larger wells. The pump will produce flow rates up to 2.5 gpm an can be used as a surge block by moving the pump up and down while pumping. The simplicity of the pump results in excellent performance when used in silty well conditions. The pump design provides easy component access, consisting of a stainless steel pump body and head, a Buna-N bottom check valve and a stainless steel fluid discharge line with a check valve. The pump head has two 3/8 in. barb fittings for the air supply and fluid discharge.


Applications of the arch pump include:

  • Pneumatic air lift pump.
  • Developing 2 inch and larger wells.



 Durham Geo TR-755 Arch Pump 3/8in Quick Exhaust Valve

Durham Geo TR-755 Arch Pump 3/8in Quick Exhaust Valve