Durham Geo TR-199, 2in Carbo-Bailer


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TR-199 2-inch Carbo-Bailer™ | DGSI Slope Indicator Passive Remediation

The CarboBailer™ is a clear PVC bailer with a specially designed check valve assembly that is designed to be used with non-emulsified, light-end hydrocarbons such as gasoline and jet fuels.

  • The CarboBailer™ is lowered into the product layer and allowed to fill.
  • Both product and water will enter the bailer if it is lowered through the product layer.
  • As the bailer is slowly recovered, the check ball will seal when all the water has emptied from the bailer.


 Durham Geo TR-199, 2in Carbo-Bailer

Durham Geo TR-199, 2in Carbo-Bailer