Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge - 3 Lb 16in Wood Handle

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Introducing the Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge, a sturdy and durable tool that is perfect for any construction or demolition project. This sledgehammer features a 3-pound head that is made of high carbon steel, which means it is designed to withstand heavy use and won't easily chip or crack over time.

The 16-inch handle is available in wood or fiberglass, depending on your preferences. While the wood handle gives the sledgehammer a classic look, the fiberglass handle provides added strength and durability. The handle is securely attached to the head with a #2 eye, ensuring that it stays in place even during the most intense use.

The cross pein design of the head is perfect for tasks that require splitting wood or breaking up concrete. The angled cross pein helps to direct the force of the strike, making it easier to break up tough materials. Whether you're working on a demolition site or need to split wood for your fireplace, the Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge makes your job easier and more efficient.

This versatile sledgehammer is sold in sets of two, so you can keep one on hand for backup or share it with a friend on the job site. The Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge is designed to provide you with years of reliable performance, making it a great investment for any professional or DIY enthusiast. No matter what the job, this sledgehammer is up for the task.


 Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge - 3 Lb 16" Wood Handle

Bon Tool 27-153 Cross Pein Sledge - 3 Lb 16in Wood Handle