Gilson HM-136 Concrete Maturity Meter, 4-Channel


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The Concrete Maturity Meter, 4-Channel, has an internal memory for over ten months of continuous recording of half-hour readings. Datum temperature and activation energy are user programmable making this meter one of the best in concrete cure time equipment

Monitor Up to 4 Locations with the Concrete Maturity Meter 

One to four locations can be monitored at once with this Concrete Maturity Meter. All channels are accessed via membrane keyboard and alphanumeric display. Concrete maturity progress can be checked directly from the meter at any time.

Concrete Maturity Meter Features

This 4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter is operated by included 9V lithium battery for three weeks or more.  It includes Type T thermocouple wire, four connectors, RS-232 cable for downloading to a PC, and a plastic carrying case.

Concrete Maturity Meter Specifications

Below are the specifications for the 4-channel Concrete Maturity Meter in regards to size dimensions and concrete testing equipment test methods:

  • Concrete Maturity Meter Dimensions: 8x4.8x3in (203x122x76mm). 
  • Concrete Maturity Meter Meets Test Methods:
    • AASHTO T276
    • ASTM C 1074
    • ASTM C 918
Concrete Maturity Meter

Gilson HM-136 Concrete Maturity Meter, 4-Channel