Carbolite ELF1106-120SN, 11/6 Laboratory Chamber Furnace, 6 Liters

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Furnace Max Temperature:
Furnace Chamber Size:
366 / 6.0 L
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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The ELF laboratory furnaces comprise three bench mounted models designed for light duty and general use up to 1100°C.

They have a simple drop down door and a top mounted ceramic chimney. The combination of low thermal mass insulation and free radiating wire elements embedded in the chamber sides provide efficient heating.

Standard Features

  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature
  • Carbolite Gero 301 controller with single ramp to set point and process timer
  • 6, 14 or 23 liter chamber volumes
  • Drop down door with air gap to minimize external temperature
  • Delayed start / process timer function as standard
  • Vacuum formed, low thermal mass insulation
  • Hard ceramic hearth fitted as standard
  • Ventilated via top mounted ceramic chimney

Electrical: 110 - 120 V single phase




301 Standard Controller Manual

Carbolite ELF Laboratory Chamber Furnaces Brochure

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 Carbolite ELF1106-120SN, 11/6 Laboratory Chamber Furnace, 6 Liters

Carbolite ELF1106-120SN, 11/6 Laboratory Chamber Furnace, 6 Liters