A&D GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance, 120g x 0.001g with External Calibration

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The A&D Weighing GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance is a top-of-the-line weighing device that combines advanced technology with robust construction to deliver unmatched performance and precision. With a capacity of 120g and a readability of 0.001g, this balance is perfect for a wide range of applications in the laboratory or factory.

One of the standout features of this precision balance is the Smart-SHS Weighing Technology, which offers increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership. With faster stabilization times and fewer parts to maintain, you can expect faster and more accurate results while saving time and money on maintenance.

The balance also comes with a range of innovative solutions to meet the demands of validation, compliance, and protection. The Electronically Controlled Load performs self-diagnostic checks and internal repeatability tests without the need for an external weight, ensuring that your balance is meeting specifications even in challenging environments. The QuickMin-S feature allows you to determine the minimum sample weight required for compliance with USP 41, taking the guesswork out of your weighing process.

Durability and hygiene are key considerations in the construction of this precision balance. The die-cast aluminum top and bottom housing provide extra stability and durability, while the large stainless steel weigh pan and dust plate can be easily removed for cleaning. The balance is also equipped with overload protection and Impact Shock Detection, increasing the lifetime of your weigh cell and offering enhanced protection.

The A&D Weighing GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance offers a user-friendly interface with a reverse backlit LCD display and six straightforward keys for easy operation. It also features advanced data management capabilities, including internal and external calibration with a one-touch button, automatic self-calibration based on temperature and time interval, and password protection for up to 11 users and 1 administrator.

With its advanced sensor technology, reliable results, easy diagnostics, and durable construction, the A&D Weighing GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance is the ideal choice for those who demand the highest levels of precision, performance, and protection. Upgrade your weighing processes and take your precision and productivity to new heights with this exceptional balance. Order now and enjoy free continental US shipping.


 A&D Weighing GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance, 120g x 0.001g with External Calibration

A&D GF-123A Apollo Precision Balance, 120g x 0.001g with External Calibration